About Us


Welcome to downtown Detroit and the best way to travel throughout the Central Business District. The Detroit People Mover is elevated, automated public transit that quickly arrives within minutes to transport our passengers to entertainment, business, lodging, retail and landmarks with ease.

As The Ultimate Park & Ride, save money and time - use the People Mover instead of transferring your car from parking lot to lot. Fare is $.75, and we operate seven days a week. There are 13 convenient stations which are accessible, and trains are climate-controlled for comfort. Pick up our free Station 2 Station Guide, which includes a handy downtown map as well as listings for more than 400 wonderfully unique and diverse restaurants, services and establishments to make the most of your time in the area. There's something for everyone!

We hope you enjoy your time in downtown Detroit and please plan on using the Detroit People Mover as a safe, fun option for the entire family. 

Photo Credit: DMCVB